Help for Foreigners
Business to Business
Work Agency
Training Institution
Emigrant Academy
Statute Regarding Foreigners
Statute Regarding Repatriation
Statute Regarding Granting Refuge to Foreigners in Poland
Statute Regarding Endorsing Employment and Labor-Market Institutions

The Association has the following goals:
  • encouraging public institutions to develop and initiate rational criteria regarding foreigners,
  • promoting and initiating appropriate social integrating models,
  • encouraging principles of solidarity and human rights with regard to refugees and other groups seeking refuge in Poland,
  • promoting positive community attitudes in developing general benefits for international relations and exchange,
  • endorsing good relations between foreigners and national/ local authorities,
  • supporting employment of foreigners and validating their vocations in Poland,
  • advancing models of humanitarian aid for destitute foreigners,
  • advancing the cause for ethnic minorities,
  • delivering support, health education and social help.

Polish Ministry of Foreign Relations
Polish Authority Regarding Foreigners
Amnesty International
Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights
Linguistic Education Center
PZU-"Bezpieczny pobyt"
Insurance for Foreigners
Armenian Embassy in Poland
Russian Embassy in Poland
Ukraine Embassy in Poland
Belarusan Embassy in Poland
International Labour Organization