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The 'EMIGRANT' Association welcomes you to its web-site.

'EMIGRANT' – (lac. Emigrans) one who leaves ones country, place; exile, alien, foreigner

Our activities took root in the 1990's co-operating with 'The Association Protecting Polish Manufacturing'.
'EMIGRANT Association', as such, first appeared in 2006.

We are an organization involved in legalizing residence and employment for foreigners in Poland. We offer assistance in complicated Polish administrative-procedure formalities.

We offer residing foreigners the following:
  • counseling regarding the Polish Foreigner Code
  • representation before various appropriate public administration authorities
  • help in legalizing residence in Poland
  • help in gaining employment
  • help in business registration
  • help in business association
Our services and assistance are extended to both businesses and individuals.

Emigrant Association is implementing a project called:

„Emigrant Academy – sa chance for integration of third country nationals” co-financed by the European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals and State Budget according with the contract no. 2/3/EFI/2008 and 2/3/EFI/2009(II).

Baner Projektu

We welcome you in our Emigrant Academy

We invite you to cooperation

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