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We analyse circumstances and offer advice in choosing the best choise of residency application in Poland. We present the fastest and most efficient methods for resolving problems during the application process and afterwards, when future issues may occur. We are authorized to represent clients in formal conditions e.g. hearings, produce appropriate documentation/ justification, coordinate documentation, secure endorsements and monitor the progress of the application. We can also participate in required depositions during the application process.
Our services are offered in order to save our clients maximum time needed in administrative processes.
We counsel both 'limited-' and 'permanent residency' status according to official procedures.


We offer employers assistance in legalizing foreign employee status in Poland based companies. We process all formalities quickly and efficiently, reducing the client's engagement to a minimum, saving valuable time.


From your first moment in Poland we deliver not only services related to formalities tied to residency and employment, but we also assist in:
  • airport pick-up
  • appropriate housing (hotel, flat or residential)
  • orientation to local geography and services in Poland
  • opening bank accounts, renting cars, securing cell-phones
  • referrals to reputable health centers
  • selection of appropriate schools for children and adults
  • recommending entertainment, relaxation, dining...
  • advisement of cultural and tourist events...
We are at the client’s disposal 24 hours-a-day to insure their confidence and safety during their stay in Poland.


In accord with the Statute Regarding Foreigners, a foreigner who intends temporary or long-term stay in Poland may apply for limited or permanent stay status at the appropriate regional authority. Processing time is dependent of type of status requested. Upon receiving said status, the holder gains unhindered residency in Poland and no longer needs visas to re-enter Poland when going abroad. Limited Residency can be extended as long as necessary, following stated procedures. We assist in all associated formalities.


Poland issues visas to visitors from various countries. We advise throughout this process regarding type of application and completion. In the case of ‘visa extension’ for visitors already in Poland, we assist in all formalities.


An employer who wishes to employ a foreigner must submit required affidavits and then secure appropriate permits justifying the need for employing said foreigner.
Securing Employment Permits is associated with Residency. Both applications are processed simultaneously and mutually dependent.
We assist in compiling required documentation – written warrants, applications, declarations, explanations, etc.

Please direct all inquires to:
tel. +48 603 800 058

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